Trying a New Neighborhood On For Size

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It’s one thing to move to a new city or state and fall in love with a home for sale. It’s another to actually imagine what it’s like to live there. Buying a home is a huge commitment– how do you know whether the neighborhood is a good fit? After all, you wouldn’t buy a car without taking it for a test drive first. How can you do the same thing with an entire neighborhood before you a buy a home in it? 

Here Are Some Ideas 

First, try booking an AirBnB as close to the listing as possible. Ideally, you’d book for three or so nights. Say, Thursday through Saturday. This gives you a feel of the neighborhood on both weekday and weekend days. By living like a local, you’ll be able to test the noise, feeling of safety, and traffic in the area. Sample the local restaurants, bakeries, and coffee shops so you can imagine what your new favorite spots may be. 

Secondly, test out your commute. Moving from the city to the suburbs (or vice-versa) can really wreak havoc on your well-timed commute. Whether you drive, bike, walk, or utilize public transportation, you’ll certainly want to get a sense of what your new commute will be. Pay attention to school bus routes, train tracks, and the times of day you’ll be traveling. All of that affects traffic patterns and, subsequently, your commute time. 

Thirdly, and perhaps the one that’s the most fun, sample the nightlife! If possible, gather different groups of friends on varying weekends and try different pubs, sports bars, and restaurants. Each friend will have a different perspective and will be able to provide unbiased feedback about whether they’d actually come hang out with you or not. 

Just these few ideas can really give you insight into what it would be like to have not only a new house, but a new neighborhood, too!

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