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 In Charlotte Development

Rents and mortgages are rising all over the country, and the Charlotte metro is no stranger to that growth. In fact, the Queen City and surrounding suburbs have experienced some of the steepest growth in the country. How do we compare to other big cities? 

According to real estate giant Zillow, Charlotte’s mortgage rates grew more in October than they did in September. The median price for a home rose to $215,500, which is up nearly 7% from October of last year. 

On a grander scale -nationally- average mortgage rates only grew 4.7%. What does that mean? Well, all it really means is that Charlotte’s home values are rising ever so slightly faster than the national average. 

What other markets are experiencing the same fate? Let’s look at the top 10! 

  1. Orlando, Florida. One-year growth: 4.5%
    9. Cleveland, Ohio. One-year growth: 4.6%
    8. Cincinnati, Ohio. One-year growth: 5%
    7. Phoenix, Arizona. One-year growth: 5.1%
    6. Tampa, Florida. One-year growth: 5.3%
    5. Atlanta, Georgia. One-year growth: 6%
    4. Indianapolis, Indiana. One-year growth: 6.3%
    3. Columbus, Ohio. One-year growth: 6.6%
    2. Charlotte, North Carolina. One-year growth: 6.9%
    1. Austin, Texas. One-year growth: 7.8%

Check out Charlotte Business Journal for the full report!

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