Work in Atlanta but Live in Charlotte?

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If you catch Charlotte traffic at the wrong moment, you may be in for a long commute. Of course, this is contingent on where you live and where your office is located. But, what about ultra-commuters? You know, people who routinely spend hours in the car every single day. As public transportation becomes faster and more efficient, could it ever be a reality to live in Charlotte but work in, say, Atlanta? That may be a future reality. 

An upcoming meeting will talk about this very thing. The Southeast High-Speed Rail (SEHR) will be meeting soon to discuss and answer questions regarding a direct route from Charlotte to Atlanta. While this idea is still years and billions of dollars away from fruition, the commute time would be under 2 hours.  

Cost of Living

Charlotte is consistently named one of the top (if not THE top) U.S. cities where it is affordable to live. The average home price is below the national average and is quite affordable. A direct-to-Atlanta rail line would open up doors to an affordable life in Charlotte while potentially enjoying job opportunities in Atlanta. Sound off in the comments below: would you ever consider working in Atlanta but living in Charlotte?

For those that have questions, the Georgia Department of Transportation is hosting a meeting on Thursday, Oct. 24 at 5:30pm at the Metrolina Transportation Management Center. The Charlotte Business Journal offers additional details on the potential project.

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