Where Does Charlotte Rank?

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One thing is for sure: Charlotte is amazing. Whenever lists and rankings are released of the best places to live, Charlotte is on that list. It’s no surprise then that Charlotte is featured on the latest WalletHub study highlighting the best large U.S. cities. 

As the WalletHub report says: “each major U.S. city has a unique set of issues, to go along with its own character and charm. However, some big cities tackle their problems and emphasize their strengths more efficiently than others.” To rank the cities, the perceived strengths were looked at across five major categories. Categories such as cost of living, economic strength, and overall health were measured over the 62 largest cities in the country. The two factors that brought in the bulk of the score were overall quality of life and safety. 

Additional “indicators of attractiveness” were also taken into account. These included property taxes, quality of public schools, job opportunities, and life expectancy. All of this information was stirred together and what came out was the 40 best large cities with more than 300,000 people. 

Where does Charlotte rank? 

Coming in right in the middle is our fair city. Nabbing the #22 ranking, Charlotte has an overall rating of 56.79. (out of a possible perfect score of 62). We are sandwiched between #23 Chicago, IL and #21 Aurora, CO. The top three spots go to #3 Seattle, WA, #2 Austin, TX, and #1 Virginia Beach, VA.

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