A Fast and Easy Way to Boost Curb Appeal

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Whether you’re trying to sell your home or spruce up the one you already have, outdoor landscaping and exterior changes can really pay for themselves. You can plant trees and shrubs, paint your porch, or style your flower beds. But there’s one change you can make that is simple, inexpensive, and packs a big punch. So, what is it? 

Simply put: change out your house numbers! There is a growing trend towards decorative house numbers and it goes way beyond numbers spray painted on the curb out front. Here are some ideas for ways to freshen up your house number. 

  1. Paint them on a planter. This could be as simple as stenciling them onto a wooden window box or selecting an oversized terracotta pot, filling it with brightly colored flowers, and painting your numbers in coordinating colors. 
  2. Backlight them. Unless you have a perfectly designed exterior lighting plan, chances are that once the sun goes down, your house number is barely visible. If someone is trying to find your house at night, it will be helpful to have your numbers lit. One idea is to have a laser-cut aluminum plate made where solar-powered LEDs shine through the exposed number areas. Modern and handy!
  3. Switch up the font! This can be done by buying new metal numbers from any hardware store or to order custom numbers from boutique shops. Another idea is to work with an online artist to create a custom vinyl decal. This can be adhered to your front door or mailbox– and the options are absolutely infinite! 

There you have it! A cost-efficient and easy way to spice up your curb appeal. Visit Realtor.com for more ideas.

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