$200K’s Worth of Square Footage Across America

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Real Estate search and property information giant Property Shark recently released results from a study that shows how much square footage you’ll get for $200,000 anywhere in the country. Location is the name of the game when it comes to buying a home but the two other biggest factors are (and always will be) price and size.

The results of the study are almost staggering when you consider that you can 13 times more house in Charlotte than you can in Manhattan… for the same amount of money.

Here’s the Breakdown

Moving west to east, here’s the average square footage you’ll get for $200,000 in the country’s 33 largest cities.

  • Seattle: 525 sq. ft.
  • Portland: 773 sq. ft.
  • San Francisco: 260 sq. ft.
  • San Jose, CA: 376 sq. ft.
  • Los Angeles: 501 sq. ft.
  • San Diego: 496 sq. ft.
  • Las Vegas: 1,818 sq. ft.
  • Phoenix: 1,412 sq. ft.
  • Tucson: 1,997 sq. ft.
  • El Paso: 3,334 sq. ft.
  • Denver: 661 sq. ft.
  • Austin, TX: 1,341 sq. ft.
  • San Antonio: 3,249 sq. ft.
  • Fort Worth, TX: 2,199 sq. ft.
  • Oklahoma City: 1,659 sq. ft.
  • Dallas: 1,824 sq. ft.
  • Houston: 2,093 sq. ft.
  • Memphis, TN: 2,965 sq. ft.
  • Nashville, TN: 2,109 sq. ft.
  • Indianapolis: 2,228 sq. ft.
  • Chicago: 1,102 sq. ft.
  • Columbus, OH: 1,922 sq. ft.
  • Cleveland: 3,769 sq. ft.
  • Atlanta: 1,119 sq. ft.
  • Orlando: 1,992 sq. ft.
  • Miami: 835 sq. ft.
  • Jacksonville, FL: 2,162 sq. ft.
  • Charlotte: 1,696 sq. ft.
  • Washington DC: 423 sq. ft.
  • Philadelphia: 1,558 sq. ft.
  • Brooklyn, NY: 451 sq. ft.
  • Manhattan: 126 sq. ft.
  • Boston: 371 sq. ft.

While the cost of home ownership has been on the rise over the past few years, Charlotte is right in line with national averages. West Coast cities like San Francisco and Seattle saw double digit percentage increases in their home prices last year despite not being able to buy as much home as other cities. It’s no wonder places like Charlotte are routinely featured on lists of most affordable places to live or fastest growing cities!

Are you ready to leave the big city in favor of the Queen City? Contact me today and I’ll help you find your dream home where you’ll have more space, an easier commute, and where the livin’ is easy.

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