Would You Order Your House in LEGO?

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Be it Masterbuilder, elementary students simply having fun with friends, or using blocks to help with dexterity therapy, LEGO blocks have been a favorite for generations. Artist and Designer Shari Austrian has taken this to the next level.

Operating her own Etsy shop, a website geared towards handmade, homemade, and artisinal crafts, Shari will take your home plans and painstakingly craft your home out of legos.

But How?

The idea came to her as simply as most ideas do: in the moment. She was having a lovely afternoon playing with her twin boys when they decided to try their hand at building a replica of their home. It was boxy and simple, but she loved it. In face, she loved the project so much that she decided to expand it to a business with more elaborate designs at the end of 2017.

Shari used interior and exterior photos of your home, as well as architectural plans and blueprints if they’re available, to base her design. Over the next 8 to 10-weeks she carefully and meticulously designs and constructs your home in lego. She recreates both interior and exterior in fantastic detail.

Now, with elaborate art comes a somewhat elaborate price tag. Expect to spend, on average, around $2,500 for one of Shari’s creations. The exact price is determined by the total square footage of your home and your decorating sense. Given that the average Lego piece costs around a dime and that Shari uses upwards of tens of thousands of pieces, the price makes sense.

Finding the $2,500 too steep? Consider an exterior-only model starting around $1,500.

You truly get what you pay for as Shari does not skimp on the details. Everything down to landscaping, appliances, and art in your home is taken into account.

You can communicate with Shari on how to order your Lego home via her Etsy shop, LittleBrickLane.

Photos courtesy of Shari Austrian.

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