Is Granite on the Way Out?

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With the 2019 housing market shifting to that of a seller’s market, you may be wondering if this is the right time to sell. Those sorts of wonderings usually come with minor home renovation projects to make your home listing the strongest it could be. Projects may include painting the exterior, updating lighting, or even putting in new kitchen countertops.

Buyers are looking for new and trendy, so when you’re making these updates, why not opt for what’s up-and-coming? When it comes to those countertops, real estate giant Trulia and home decor depot Houzz are both reporting that, for 2019, granite is out.

So what has ousted this long-running favorite? One word: quartz.

Here’s why.

When looking at the price points for granite vs. quartz countertops, the prices are honestly comparable. The pendulum swings towards quartz now because it is versatile and more durable than granite. Granite is cut in whole slabs from pure stone. Engineered quartz is a composite of ground quartz and resin making it virtually indestructible.

Because granite is a natural stone, there are naturally occurring imperfections like divots or permeable areas. These can harbor bacteria or germs, especially in high-traffic areas where food is being prepared or water might be standing. (Think: kitchens and bathrooms) Since quartz is engineered, it is less porous and therefore more sanitary.

When it comes to esthetics, granite just doesn’t have the upscale vibe of quartz, or even timeless marble. Most readily available granite colors are limited and can give your kitchen or baths a dated appearance. Quartz comes in an unlimited selection of colors, with options that look like more expensive marble.

So there you have it. If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen either to sell or just to enjoy for yourself, consider updating your countertops with quartz!

(Thanks to Southern Living for the heads up!)

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