To Stage or Not To Stage

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Time has come to list your home for sale! You’ve found your Realtor and listing agent, you’ve had your initial walk through and talk about comps in your area, and you’ve begun to pack… now you have to sit back and decide whether having your home professionally staged is worth it or not.

What is staging, exactly? Staging is when you remove personal items from your home and have it decorated in a neutral palate that gives buyers the ability to picture themselves in your home. The idea is so popular that entire HGTV shows are dedicated to the premise, and for good reason. According to the Association of Home Staging Professionals, 95% of staged homes sell in less than 11 days for, on-average, 15% more money. In contrast, homes that aren’t staged can typically take 90 or more days to sell.

Courtest of The National Association of Realtors and Keeping Current Matters

Spending money for a stager can definitely work to your advantage because it creates more enticing and marketable photos for real estate listing websites, fliers, and agent blogs. There are different levels of having a home staged, too. A complete stage with furniture, art, and accent pieces, or having the home staged around your existing furniture. The cost for staging varies per state and for the length of time intended.

Keep in mind that you may not need staging if you live in an area where real estate moves very quickly- however, offering the most desirable package may create a bidding war and fetch you a higher offer.

Meet with your listing agent to determine what needs best suit your individual situation!

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