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It’s a tale as old as time… the search for a quick AND inexpensive home improvement project that doesn’t involve hiring a contractor or getting a permit. The quest to boost your home’s value can start in everyone’s favorite section of the home improvement store: PAINT. It’s true!

Recently, investment and insurance giant Northwestern Mutual put out a report on the biggest paint trends that both decrease as well as increase home values. The project that fetches the biggest return is, surprisingly, the simplest. Read on to find out!

Paint colors that decrease your home value:

As reported by Northwestern Mutual, a yellow exterior can bring down your home value by over $3,000! Everything from highlighter yellow to the creamiest butter was proven to decrease value, so it’s probably best to avoid it unless you have a lot of flora and fauna to break up the color. Another value tanker is sporting a red kitchen. Bringing your value down by $2,300, the idea behind why red is a no-no is that it inspires frenetic energy. Opt for cooler tones for your home that inspire relaxation. The third color pitfall in your home is having a brown dining room. In the analysis, it was found that a chocolatey brown dining room feels dated and too retro for modern buyers. Basically, brighter is better!

And now for the good stuff… the projects that increase your home value!

Start by choosing a calming taupe or ecru color for your living room. It’s softer than stark white and choosing a color with a warm pink or peachy undertone can bring up your home value by a shocking $2,800! Next, choose a cool neutral blue for small bathrooms. The light color will make the space feel bigger and will bring up your value by another $2,800! Plus, for the second year running, Zillow reported that homes with blue bathrooms tend to sell for more!

However, the smallest and easiest paint project is the one that could pack the biggest value punch. The report states that painting your front door black could fetch you an increase of $6,200! It’s bold and daring and leaves a lasting first impression- literally! It’s the first thing you touch when you’re entering a home and the color sticks with you. This pop of color isn’t as overwhelming as using it in an entire room and it’s very easy to update.

To read the full report, visit Northwestern Mutual. And be sure to visit us in the comments section! Tell us what color you’d paint your front door!

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