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When searching for the home that ticks all your must-have boxes, the home’s essential style is by far what you see first. Exterior details and construction style are hands-down the hardest things to change (beside the home’s actual location) so determining your ideal home style should be at the forefront of your mind. Do you like a historic Victorian? A modern open concept new-build? A cozy condo with amenities? Today we’re going to feature a style that has recently seen a resurgence among flippers and buyers alike: the Craftsman bungalow!!

The birth of the Craftsman bungalow came as a direct response to Victorian trends that tending to produce overly ornate homes that were quite expensive. Working-class families still wanted quality made homes with artisan details but needed that at a reasonable price.

In 1901, a designer and architect by the name of Gustav Stickley was bringing his vision to life: fine architecture and handcrafted, artistic bungalows selling for around $900. He recognized the uptick in this style’s popularity and went on to produce a magazine featuring the details of owning small bungalow homes. He titled his magazine The Craftsman, and a whole design trend was born.

The magazine featured original blueprint designs and furniture ideas from all of the big-name designers of the age. The name ‘Craftsman’ soon became synonymous with the design elements found in that magazine and soon began to embrace and embody the entire Arts and Crafts movement. Companies like Sears would even go on to sell entire house kits in their catalog… all the materials to assemble your very own bungalow would arrive by train and could be constructed in a matter of days. More than 70,000 of these homes were sold between 1908 and 1940!

At its core, an Arts and Crafts Bungalow is small, cozy, and features design elements like wide porches, open floor plans, low pitched roofs, and exposed beams. Detailed craftsman homes will have lots of beautiful woodwork and perhaps built in bookcases or buffets. They are ideal for couples and small families. Their affordable price, darling details, and manageable size make them highly sought after.

What’s your dream home style? Is it a Craftsman bungalow? Comment below!

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