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Photo Courtesy of This Old House

One of the biggest up-and-coming trends in home decor and design is installing a dutch door! Unfamiliar? A dutch door is, at its most basic, a door cut in half with two separate latches. It’s most often used to allow fresh air into your house (usually a kitchen) or let rowdy pups outside, without having to open your whole door. Or, if you live in a cartoon, you can precariously perch a fresh-baked pie atop the bottom half while it cools and hope a rascally rabbit doesn’t come steal it.

Buying a dutch door kit can run upwards of several hundreds of dollars, perhaps even thousands if you were to hire a contractor to build and install one. If you love the look of a dutch door but don’t want to shell out your hard earned cash, then check out this handy DIY guide for how to transform your existing door into the pie-cooling feature it was meant to be.

For less than $70, you can follow this This Old House guide for how to simply cut your wooden door in half and install the appropriate hardware. Your first step, even before taking the door off its hinges, is to install a fourth hinge to support what will become the door’s upper portion. Remove the door and make a straight cut across the middle of the door. Rehang both portions, determine a dead bolt location for each half, and add a decorative ledge on the exterior if you wish. Add weatherstripping and molding on the interior to conceal the seam. Et voila! Your very own dutch door at a serious fraction of the cost.

For the full, detailed step-by-step guide, along with a list of materials needed, check out the handy how-to from This Old House by clicking here.

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