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Why do I recommend them? Because they get the job done! And that makes all the difference in how smoothly your home purchase closes. Not all lenders are right for every situation, but the Charlotte mortgage lenders listed here have the broadest range of loan products available, with one to suit your specific needs, and the expertise to see you to the finish line.

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If you wish to comment on your experience with one of the mortgage lenders listed here, or if you’ve had a wonderful experience with a lender you’d like to recommend, I welcome your comments and recommendations.

Movement Mortgage
NMLSR ID: 807444
Main ✆ (704) 930-2484
Cell ✆ (336) 508-3486


MVB Mortgage
NMLSR ID: 1535854
Main ✆ (704) 413-3895
Cell ✆ (304) 288-8686


Sierra Pacific Mortgage
NMLSR ID: 69651
Main ✆ (919)863-4370
Cell ✆ (916) 802-9743
Toll Free: (888) 206-5781 Ext. 1017


American Security Mortgage Corp.
NMLSR ID: 107528
Main ✆ (704) 319-3474


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