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How to Look at Houses: 3 Things Every Buyer Should Know

House hunting is quite likely my favorite occupation. It’s actually one of my secret indulgences…

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Diamond Ring |

Buying Homeowners Insurance: Insured vs. Protected

Insured vs. Protected. It’s crazy easy to find insurance. It’s everywhere. Your ballpark scoreboard, local underwear ads, and various outlets on Social Media. Insurance though, is supposed to mean protected. And that’s the rub.

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Home Blueprint | Jennifer Monroe |

Why Do I Need a Real Estate Agent for New Construction?

It’s curious how easily myths manage to take their place among our everyday beliefs. Especially when it comes to matters relating to money $$$. I can assure you that I’ve heard my fair share of wild imaginings in the Real Estate business, but some assumptions seem to gain traction and hold on for dear life.

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Flunky Agents |

Top 5 Signs Your Real Estate Agent Sucks!

I’m not the kind of girl to disparage others. I know how hard those of us practicing Real Estate work! But I can hardly shush my ‘tsk-tsk’s’ when I encounter Real Estate agents who just don’t ‘get’ it….I don’t need to tell you there are infinite varieties of agent suckyness out there. Chances are, you’ve been on the short end at some point yourself!

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Plaza Midwood and Area Neighborhoods |

5 Reasons Why You HAVE to Live in Plaza-Midwood et al…

There’s this little boomlet going on just around the corner from where I live. Locals like to call the area Plaza-Midwood… It doesn’t take a genus to figure out that something magic is happening here!

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House Love | SavvyGirlHomes

Love at First ‘Site’!

We all seem to think it can never happen to us. We’ve convinced ourselves, even. We labor under the belief that it’s simply impossible to find ‘The One’ without ever even trying. But we, the educated, the cynical, and the determined homebuyers of today … we are ohhhhh so wrong…

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Ben Loves Abby | Jennifer Monroe |

Elizabeth Stories: Ben ❤ Abby

Walk long enough through the shady streets of Elizabeth and it will begin adding up: the many instances of “Ben ♡ Abby” etched upon our sidewalks. But who is Ben? And how, we wonder, does Abby feel?

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Pick Me! | Jennifer Monroe |

Pick Me! Choosing a Fabulous Realtor®

It hit me like an avalanche when I heard myself say to my client the other day that I’m not in the real estate business to get rich. I must admit, this was a Freudian wake-up call if ever there was one! Just as the New Year unfolds with all the possibilities for seizing my business goals, this simple phrase captures the hidden key to my professional existence! I really do care about my clients first!

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Homes for the Holidays | Jennifer Monroe |

Homes for the Holidays

Let the stories begin! When I’m fortunate enough to be invited into one’s home for a celebration of any kind, I look forward to the inevitable re-telling of great stories from past gatherings. That’s the moment I relax and revel in the bonds unveiling between myself and those I’ve arrived to enjoy. The eat, drink and be merry comes naturally once everyone settles in and begins to feel right at home.

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Whispering Angel | Jennifer Monroe |

A Few Secrets Every Home Buyer Should Know

I’ve always been a reliable keeper of secrets. Perhaps because I view them as cherished little treasures. Exposing secrets causes them to wither into dust, and then what good are they?

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United States Flag | Jennifer Monroe |

Lucky Stars

This isn’t the first time I’ve written about gratitude, but it will certainly be the most heartfelt. This is me humbly giving thanks for the GIFT of freedom I receive each and every day as a result of the ultimate act of kindness from our incredibly selfless brave men and women of our United States Armed Forces.

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Colonial Home in Elizabeth Neighborhood | Jennifer Monroe |

If These Walls Could Talk: A Lucky Colonial Score

Unless your gazing upwards at birds falling from the sky, you’re not likely to miss the various impressions and patterns that turn up on the sidewalks in historic Elizabeth. This is the kind of neighborhood where we do a lot of walking.

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