20 Most Popular Charlotte Neighborhoods

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Queens Road West in Myers Park in the summer with tall willow oaks. C. Jill Lang

What are the 20 most popular Charlotte Neighborhoods? According to the Charlotte Business Journal, viewing traffic was calculated on real estate websites for the first quarter of 2018 and they think they have the answer. Based off of the number of views of listings, the CBJ was able to create a list of the top 20 most popular neighborhoods in Charlotte. Ultra high-end neighborhoods like Myers Park and Foxcroft always seem to maintain footing on listicals such as this– either for legitimate reasons or interested lookie-loos. Regardless, there seems to be a fairly solid spread of home prices.

Surprisingly, Newell South nabbed the top spot. Since the opening of the 9.3 mile extension of the light rail line – The Blue Line Extension – in March, this neighborhood between NODA and UNCC has seen a jump in real estate views.

Here’s the full list of the top 20 neighborhoods in Charlotte, along with median list price, as reported by the Charlotte Business Journal.

20. Chantilly. Price: $487,450
19. Plaza Hills. Price: $499,000
18. Carmel. $438,000
17. Sherwood Forest. $472,450
16. Seven Eagles. $439,000
15. Myers Park. $995,000
14. Lincoln Heights. $72,000
13. Seversville. $359,300
12. Toddville Road. $125,000
11. Freedom Park. $699,000
10. Foxcroft. $1.297M
9. Mountainbrook. $719,000
8. Elizabeth. $317,500
7. Collingwood. $319,500
6. Hembstead. $625,000
5. Sterling. $110,000
4. Derita-Statesville. $146,750
3. Mountain Island. $449,000
2. Westchester. $120,000
1. Newell South. $217,400.

While this list may represent the top searched for neighborhoods to date this year, it doesn’t represent an exhaustive list of most desirable neighborhoods. One of the challenges the Charlotte home buyer faces is the availability of homes in areas they may wish to reside.

To see more details, including average square footage for homes in these neighborhoods and page views in the first quarter of 2018, visit the CBJ.


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