New Home Design Trend: Dog Showers

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A surprising new trend in home design is none other than… a dog shower! The New York Times recently released their Trends In Design and Architecture list and right there next to things like A-Frame homes and purple sofas was the dog shower.

Owners are opting to install these mini shower stalls in places like mud rooms or garages specifically for giving Fido a rinse-off after traipsing around in the mud or to ward off bringing allergens into the house.

For people having homes built, a dog shower is becoming a more common add-on option on building plans. Certain luxury brands even include a dog shower as standard in homes that meet a certain base price. These building companies explain that buyers are seeing the benefit in being able to control chaos.

No dog? No worries! Homeowners that have no use for a dog shower are finding alternate uses for their mud-room or garage showers: cleaning off dirty shoes, rinsing garden vegetables on their way to the kitchen, or taking care of outdoor supplies like sand box toys or sports equipment. They could also come in handy for particularly outdoors-y kiddos!  

What about you? Sound off in the comments section… would you buy a home with a dog-shower or would you have one installed in your home? Useful or a tiny bit ridiculous?

To read the rest of the NYT’s list of Trends in Design and Architecture, visit the New York Times!

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