New Housing Development in Dilworth

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After a large increase in population, Dilworth is set to build its first new housing development in 8 years for $5.5 million.

Since 2000, the population of Dilworth has increased by 50% and the demand for housing is going up even though as of now there are very few lots for sale. That will change this spring when developers break ground on a third addition to Summerwood, a housing development north of town. This neighborhood will receive 19 new lots while another housing development will have 96.

A city administrator has stated that there was not a lot of building in 2017 because lot supply was low but the new developments this year should get the city back on track. In addition to thus development, dubbed the Keystone development, there is also another $2.8 million designated to the construction of the new 14th Street, a road off of US Highway 10.

The goal is for construction to be completed by September so workers can start pouring lot filling. It will still be a few years before homeowners can move in: the estimated year is 2021. To read more about this development be sure to check out the full article at

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