Home Value Rise in Charlotte Ranks Among Top in Country

 In Charlotte Real Estate
There’s more good news for both home buyers and homeowners in the Queen City.
The real estate market in Charlotte continues to shine as September’s numbers back up the real estate boom here. Year-over-year numbers indicate a 9% increase in home values last month, which reveals significantly faster growth than the 6.9% average rise that the rest of the nation is experiencing.

Acccording to Zillow, the average home value in the Queen city reached $178,700, making Charlotte the fourth highest ranking city in terms of rising home values among all US cities for the month of September. Las Vegas, Nevada, San Jose, California and Seattle, Washington all have faster growing home values than Charlotte. But other than these major players, Charlotte‘s real estate market is among the strongest in the country.

Prices continue to rise, inventory is still very low, and home values are reaching their peaks, as low supply and high demand are you dictating real estate markets around the country.  Even though home values are rapidly rising, the housing bubble is not expanding due to the fact that supply is still limited, and affordability still exists as mortgage interest rates are staying low.

For more details and information on charlottes home values on the rise, be sure to read the full article at Charlotteobserver.com.


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