New Mixed-Use Development is Underway in Uptown

 In Uptown Charlotte

A major development project is in the works in Uptown Charlotte at the former Charlotte Observer site. The mixed-use property will potentially total up to 5 million square feet and will include residences, office space, hotels, boutiques and restaurants, as well as plenty of open space.

Developers of the property want to build a pedestrian bridge that will connect the two sides of the site across South Church Street, and this part of the development plan was just approved by Charlotte City Council. Most tenants of the new development still have yet to be determined, however Bank of America has already signed a lease for approximately 500,000 square feet of office space that is currently under construction.

The recently approved pedestrian bridge is not the only connection between the two sides of the development site. There is also a tunnel that runs between the two sides that “the Observer used to move bales of newsprint from the storage warehouse under the Church Street parking deck into the basement of the main Observer building, which fed into the printing presses.” This definitely adds a bit of character and history to what will be a completely redeveloped piece of property.

For more details and information on this new, massive, Uptown mixed-use development, be sure to check out the full article at

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