Amelie’s French Bakery Now Open in Park Road

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Park Road Shopping Center located in Dilworth, one of the hottest neighborhoods in Charlotte, happens to be one of the busiest shopping centers in all of North Carolina. And, while Park Road offers a variety of local businesses, there has yet to be an ample¬†selection of “sweet treat/coffee options” here. However, that’s all about to change with the much anticipated opening of Amelie’s French Bakery in the Backlot of Park Road Shopping Center.

Park Road Amelie'sThe huge new 5,400 square-foot space will feature a large outdoor patio so that diners and coffee drinkers can take full advantage of the warm weather. Amelie’s will be open daily at 7 AM and will close at 11 PM on weeknights and at midnight on Friday and Saturday¬†nights.

In addition to great coffee and a selection of fabulous desserts, Amelie’s French Bakery will also serve beer and wine, as well as “other seasonal offerings.” This is one of my go-to lunch spots featuring amazing soups and tartines + my fav Lavender Honey soda. There is always terrific energy at Amelie’s, making it a hot spot for bringing your laptop, sipping espresso and noshing on their incredible macaroons. This will be Amelie’s fourth location in Charlotte, with others open in Uptown, Carmel Commons and NoDa.

For more details and information on Amelie’s and the new location, be sure to read the full article at

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