One305 Central Bringing New Retail and Restaurant to Plaza-Midwood

 In Charlotte Development, Plaza-Midwood Neighborhood

One305 Central is a new apartment building in Plaza Midwood that is slated to be completed this summer. The $50 million project will not only include 281 brand-new apartments, but will also include plenty of single-story retail space at the corner of the property. The space is going to be remodeled and leased to a restauranteur in the area.

The tenant who will fill the space has yet to be confirmed, but according to the developer, “The restaurant space…will complement the existing restaurants in the neighborhood.” In addition to the restaurant, there is also 10,000 square feet of retail space available for lease, and the development company would like some entertainment options available that would “add to the vibe” of Plaza Midwood, which is already known as one of Charlotte’s most diverse and eclectic neighborhoods. There’s a possibility that a local brewery could be moving in, which would be a great fit for the neighborhood.

In addition to the restaurant and retail space, there will also be 2,000 square feet of patio space featuring art installations by local artists as part of the property. Furthermore, the property will include 65 parking spaces available for retail patrons.

One305 Central is one of the newest and most sought-after apartment buildings around town. Given Charlotte’s low inventory, rent has been on the rise. For a studio apartment at this brand new Plaza Midwood building, a 545 square-foot unit will run you $1,065.  While the rent is definitely steep for a small space, the building will feature fantastic amenities, and now, with the new restaurant and retail development coming soon to the property, the building is even more desirable. For more details and information on this development, be sure to read the full article at

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