Why Isn’t My House Selling? 3 Big Reasons!

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Given the natural propensity of the human psyche, it’s instinctive to look outside ourselves for answers when pondering the age old real estate question ‘Why ISN’T My House Selling?’

If you’ve already arrived at this juncture, you’re probably suffering from a sense of utter helplessness. And if it’s been awhile, probably hopelessness. But, is it possible that you have more control over the speedy sale of your home than you realize?

The simple answer is nearly always YES.

Here’s the thing about properties that don’t sell:  The reason your home isn’t selling is glaringly obvious to an outsider looking in. Think about this a moment… this means one of three things are going on here:

Messy House | Why Isn't My House Selling?
1.  It’s Your Agent.
Your Real Estate Agent isn’t brilliantly marketing your property. #BrilliantMarketing means PROFESSIONAL photography/videography – not iPhone pics and a slide show with cheesy music. It means a clever, massive social media attack. It means 4-color, expertly written brochures – NOT a Xerox copied flyer. It means professional staging. It also means your Realtor® has crafted an intelligent, strategic campaign designed and timed for maximum Buyer engagement. Why wouldn’t you choose a Real Estate Agent who offers you all these bells and whistles?

2.  It’s the Location. The location is terrible. Which is a shame. But unless this is a property you inherited, you might have to swallow the bitter truth of the situation – YOU chose it. If your property is suffering from an incurable defect such as obnoxious outside noise, unfortunate neighboring properties, proximity to industrial sites and smells – then refer again to #1. Because when your marketing is brilliant, you can sell just about anything to anyone, anywhere!

3.  It’s You. You aren’t being realistic. This includes every other possibility under the sun:  It’s priced too high and you refuse to accept this reality. Or, and let’s honest here… your idea of cleanliness, property condition (did you have it pre-inspected? why not?), interior design (the 80’s really are over people!), or a poorly done renovation are turning off potential buyers. And they DO know the difference! So if you’re serious about selling, invite your agent to be 100% honest with you. Because here’s the good news… most everything can be fixed, and the price can and should be dropped.

When it comes to price, there is one maxim that is always true:  A property is only worth what a ready, willing and able Buyer will pay for it today. Otherwise, it’s overpriced. It’s really that simple. The longer is sits on the market – the less it’s worth.

So ask yourself, “Do I really want to sell my house?” 

If the answer is ‘yes’, be honest with yourself. Then find an experienced Real Estate Broker who is willing to be honest with you!

❉  Refreshingly Honest Real Estate  ❉

Jennifer Monroe, Realtor®/Broker



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