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We all seem to think it will never happen to us.  While house hunting, we labor under the belief that it’s simply impossible to find ‘The One’ without even trying. But we, the educated, the cynical, and the determined homebuyers of today are ohhhhh so wrong…

Is it really possible to walk into the very first home we see and fall head over heels in love? Toss out all our inhibitions, write up an offer and take the big plunge? Could this really be IT? Are we crazy??


An entire TV industry has succeeded in convincing us that we must traipse through mud, sweat and tears before having even hope of landing a great property. So we saddle up and research the internet, create profiles on Trulia and Zillow, read blogs, and take copious notes. We compare schools, neighborhoods and analyze market reports. We see dozens of homes just to be sure. 

This is the part where I remind all of the ‘WE’s’ brave enough to have read this far of the value of working with a terrific Realtor®! We see dozens of properties every week (if not more!), so we know a great home when we see it. We really do! Believe it or not, we actually listen to you. But even better… we read your mind and ‘feel’ what you love even before you do. A true Realtor isn’t a salesman at all. We’re fishwives, geniuses at matching our Buyers with their perfect Dream Home. Even if it’s the first place you see.

Over the past few months, I’ve closed a handful of sales that have played out just this way. One and done! We were right on the money too. In our current Charlotte market, great homes are scarce, and taking decisive action is crucial. Bidding wars are back in play. The winners are those that trust their hearts… and their Realtor.

 Love potion | #CltRealEstate

It gets me thinking… maybe I should tinker a bit and create a special ‘Home Buyer Love Potion’ to serve up to my new clients. Something sweet and bracing to enjoy as we go adventuring through our first home tour. They’ll get all dreamy and starry-eyed and compliant. Back they will travel into a time when they revisit the world through the lens of their childhood innocence, losing their inhibitions and suspicions. They will know ‘house love’ the moment they open the door. And if they don’t… perhaps I’ll pour myself a drink!

Jennifer Monroe, Realtor®/Broker

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  • Jason Sardi

    I would have thought you would be more apt to believe finding ‘The One’ wouldn’t be as difficult as advertised;)

    That written, it is also probably a combination of having the best Agent you can and a bit of luck on one’s side. For your clients, they certainly have the former.

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