A Place of Our Own

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Occupying even the smallest spot of ground is enough to qualify us as Lords and Ladies of one thing or another. It may be simply airspace, or it could be grounds fit for a queen, but the mere fact that it belongs to us is really the thing. Home ownership opens us to an entire world of exquisite opportunities. It distinguishes between what we might do and what we can do.

We’ve come to be collectors, most of us. Of glossy magazine clippings, vignettes and design ideas we collate into dreams slated for our future domain. Think Pinterest. Give us a home and those threads and leaves of our imaginations soon become the sofas and landscapes we lovingly arrange for the comfort of those we shelter beneath our love. Now all the newness we acquire can sidle up to the oldness we’ve been keeping boxed up while we procrastinate, just waiting for that ‘right time to buy’. A time that never really existed in the first place.Home Ownership | by Jennifer Monroe |#CltRealEstate

And now we know the truth. There is no right time. The time to buy is the moment we begin collecting those scraps and oddments that ultimately feather our nest. All we really need is a great Realtor® to walk us into the palace of our dreams, then usher us adroitly across the chessboard we call ‘closing’, and before we know it… we’re home free. Check mate!

Nothing captures the essence of who we are better then the place we lay down our roots, put up our chicness, brew a mug o’ Joe, and after all is said and done ~ catch those forty-odd winks. Whether falling asleep beneath the gilded stars of our own creation, or a snazzy interpretation imagined by those who came before us, we sleep the gentler sleep of those who know where we belong. Right here. Right at home. In a place of our very own.

It’s time to find yours….


Jennifer Monroe, Realtor®/Broker

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  • Jason Sardi

    Beautifully put, my dear! Reminds me of The Talking Heads song, “This Must Be The Place”. I guess buying a home is akin to having a kid, there is NO right time.

    • Jennifer Monroe

      Ahhh thanks My Jason!

    • Sister Shields

      ‘If not now, when?’
      Lovely blogpost and I too am so blessed to have my little place of my own, thanks for the reminder Jen!

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